Take Action

Ontario is Yours To Protect. It’s time to join together and tell the Ontario government to end the attacks on the environment, endangered species, clean air and water and a healthy future.

We know that our collective voice can make a difference. We came together over 60,000 strong to demand that Ontario not open up part of the Greenbelt to industry and developers – and we won! The part of Bill 66 that threatened the Greenbelt was removed.  Local groups and Indigenous nations have also stopped or rolled back MZOs in Stratford, Guelph and Pickering; the STOP the 413 coalition has prevented early construction of this proposed highway; and Stop Sprawl HamOnt has convinced their city council to plan a path for accommodating growth without expanding its settlement boundary into farmland. 

Below are four actions you can take to help protect Ontario’s environment for future generations.


In October 2020, the Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario (COSSARO) determined that black ash was endangered in Ontario but the species is not yet protected under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (ESA). Worse, the provincial government is now proposing to further delay protections for another two years.