A Healthy Climate is in Jeopardy

The Ontario government cancelled most of the climate action programs that helped individuals, communities and businesses reduce their carbon pollution.

The Issue

Climate change is an urgent crisis, and already causing massive damage in Ontario from floods, fires, and other weather events. But instead of doing more to fight climate change, Ontario cancelled most of the programs that helped industry and individuals reduce carbon pollution. As well, the government cut funding to help people weather the impacts of climate change.


The Solution

We need to slow down human-caused climate change by reducing the carbon pollution created by burning fossil fuels like gasoline and oil. We can do this by switching to new energy sources that don’t pollute, such as wind. solar and geothermal power. We can switch from gasoline powered vehicles to electric vehicles or help people cycle, walk and take public transit more. We can make homes and buildings use less energy which reduces pollution and saves money.



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