Farmland and Forests Under Threat

Take action to say Ontario is not for sale

Proposed changes to the rules of where developers can build will allow more sprawl, eat up more farmland, threaten our rivers, wetlands and forests.

The Issue

Changes to Ontario’s planning laws and to the Growth Plan, make it easier for sprawl developers to pave over farmland, forests and wetlands. Allowing development to bump up against the protected Greenbelt threatens its future due to pressure for more sprawl.


The Solution

Ontario needs to build up, not out.This doesn’t mean massive highrises. It can be low and mid rise buildings, townhomes and small homes that are close to schools, shops and public transit, instead of monster sprawl homes in car-dependent suburbs on former farms. We also need to build more housing that matches peoples’ stage of life and where they want to live to make sure and ensure that public transit, bike and walking are the best ways of getting around.



For more information about the risks from devleopment to Ontario’s farmland and forests, see the links below and visit our resources page. ERO – Planning Act Link to Housing Plan Globe and Mail article on Housing Plan