Vulnerable Wildlife and Species in Danger

Take action to say Ontario is not for sale

The law to protect endangered species, our most sensitive plants and animals, is under attack by developers who want to build in the places these species live.

The Issue

The world is facing a biodiversity crisis, as habitat loss and climate change drive over a million species closer to extinction. At a time when we should be working to help and restore endangered species and protect wild nature, the Ontario government has gutted the law that protects endangered species, increased the hunting of wolves, started a slaughter of native cormorants, brought back the cruel spring bear hunt and has made it easier for developers to pave over wildlife habitats.


The Solution

Reverse the changes to the Endangered Species Act
Make decisions about wildlife based on good science, not political favouritism
Protect key wildlife habitat from development



For more information about the risks to Ontario’s endangered species, see the links below and visit our resources page. Blog post on changes to the ESA Toronto Star Article on changes in housing bill IPBES report